I'm not very good at journaling, so I figured I needed to give this challenge a go...

We have known eachother since we were 4 years old and our fathers worked at the same Airforce base. When we were 9, you and your family moved into a house just down the street from mine, and you started in my 3rd grade class. Since then, you have been my very best friend! Anyone who just looks at us quickly, thinks that we are vastly different - but looks can be deceiving! We are actually more alike in mind and spirit than we are to our own, younger sisters... Our friendship has survived distances, relationships and even me being your employer! We share so many passions! We travel together. We party together. We go to concerts and the theatre together. We love shopping. We love good food and fine wines. We are obsessed with shoes! And over the last couple of years, you’ve inherited my love of photography, history and genealogy! Even if you live a couple of hours away, I see you more often than some of the friends I have here in the city. And I talk to you at least every other day. You know me better than my own husband does... I guess that is why my other friends sometimes refer to you as “The Wife”!

Paper and wordart from the Challenge Freebie - Thank You, Katie and Ali!
"PhotoClusters no 42" and "Painted pastels no1" by Katie Pertiet
"Readymade Circles - Friends no1" by Studio DD
-all DesignerDigitals

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