In 2008 – I went and spent a week with my brother and his wife Stephanie – when the sale started today – I added to my stash and when I saw Carols “story” challenge – I thought this could do double duty…. I’m taking Jana’s designing doubles class and it starts next week…. Carol … Please only count one page for the challenge .....I really wanted you to see both!
Friday – Mickey and I hit the park running. My favorite ride by far was the dueling dragons. The coaster goes really fast and turns you around until you face the other coaster in mid air. There was a short cut passage to ride it again and again and we did! Mickey and I arrived at the park as it opened. It was fun to have a few hours “alone” with my little brother. Stephanie met up with us as we were enjoying a snack and we rode rides and just enjoyed the day!

the story Freebie - thanks it is wonderful!
Scrap Express No. 153
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