10 months - Journaling reads

Teeth! You finally have four teeth! This month your top two front teeth came in first starting with your right one, followed closely by your bottom two front teeth. Chewing on anything and everything has become the norm. You especially love chewing on your little red crab and orange and blue octopus during bath time with Dad. Another favorite chew toy is either a wash cloth or a tag blanket, so Mom is sure to keep a clean one around for you. You’ve been on the move. Standing and walking with hands attached to the perimeter of your safe play area at home is one of your specialties. You pretty much have the run of the place at your daycare and dart away as soon as Mom tries to take you home. She likes to warn you that Miss Christine turns the lights off downstairs at 6 p.m. and if you don’t come home, it will be a long, lonely night. Clapping has also become a big thing for you. Mornings on the changing table can be met with clapping, as well during fun songs Miss Christine sings to you. Some of your favorite toys right now include stacking cups as well as books, which you try to chew against your parents’ best effort. Mom finally took you to a 4-H event — the first ever Lyon County Wildlife Project Club meeting. 4-Her Logan Fuller had Mick Bowman a pro-staffer for Knight & Hale game calls came in and showed the 4-Hers how to use turkey calls. You really enjoyed all the noises and would mimic the turkey call for all to hear! Mom and Dad have also noticed you slightly favor your left hand when crunching O’s with your front teeth. Will you be left handed like your Grandma Trudie or your Aunt Callie? Easter was a fun with Aunt Callie and Jenna spending a night to attend the Easter Egg Hunt at the church. You spent Easter Day with your Great Grandma Norma and family in her new retirement apartment in Hutchinson. Your baby blues collected lots of oohs and ahhs from the residents there.

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