This is my take on Lizzies's wonderful LO!
It will later go in my Africa-book as the very last page.

Journaling reads:
"Our last “real” glimpse of Africa was the peak of Kilimanjaro! On our way from Zanzibar to Nairobi and our flight for Amsterdam, the captain was suddenly on the speaker-system: “If you look out to your left, we have the snowclad peak of Kilimanjaro. Can everybody see? Let me fly around it once so that all of you will get a chance to take photos!”... And that's what he did - flew around Kilimanjaro so that all of us got a good look and some photos! This is the last photo we took on our very first trip to Africa... Above Kilimanjaro, at 07:52 on the 30th of January 2007"

"Away We Go" and "Simple Classics: Traveler Brushes AddOn" by Katie Pertiet
"Worn strips no11" by Lynn Grieveson

Fonts are "Ali's Hand" and "Traveling Typewriter"