This time it was Toby’s turn for a vet visit. Once again he has kidney stones, but we know how to treat them now without hospitalization. It just means daily trips to the vet for fluids, but it works just fine. Mogley is doing so much better and is on his second round of antibiotics now.
The closets were installed this week and they came out great! The linen closet was finally finished in the bathroom, so we were able to get clothes moved back in and bathroom stuff moved in this week! Next week the new sinks and plumbing fixtures will be installed and we will be ALL DONE.
Our new cactus that we planted this fall got its first bloom. These cacti have a huge flower that only blooms for 24 hours, so you have to be ready when it happens. As it gets older and more established, it will create more blooms each year. It’s pretty amazing. I went a little crazy with the picture taking!
I made my last NYC page for the time being, with a photo that Justin shot last weekend from the Staten Island Ferry. He will be on his way to Atlanta in a week.
The temperatures in Tucson are rising and I have begun to make a list of what needs to be done before we head up to Flagstaff for the summer. It’s always a bit overwhelming, but it gets done. We will be leaving a bit earlier this year. Quite a few events happening over Mother’s Day weekend, so we want to be up there so we can join in the fun.

Ali Edwards
Week In The Life Layered Template Set 12x12 Vol. 04
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Flagged Dates Brushes and Stamps No. 04
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All White Now Paper Pack

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