Always a poignant moment when I use one of Pattie's elements. Sad

April 14-20 2013 I started the week with a Baltimore JFX market trip . Bloody hell, They now want $2 an hour to park. I ignored the meters. I suspected we would get a couple of these double yolk eggs! Also a plant stop at Walmart & finally got the mini blinds. Exercise going well. I really feel it & feel better. A trip to Delmar to see Nong,. Had a nice stop at the Choptank & old bridge, now a fishing bridge. Thank God things are ok with Nong. Lotus is still as smart as ever. Her iPad was taken away for a few days for ‘attitude’. She loved her fairy and fairy book & sat reading it right away. A good visit but a long day’s drive to & fro. Dinner at Panera Salisbury. The traveling chefs made us a great lunch at Sr. Center. Loved the arugula salad.


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