Papers: Letter Box Simplicity, Lightly LetterBox, Krafty Woods, Classic Cardstock: Oyster, Krafty Lace
StampedNFramed Templates
Wild Horses Elements
Brushes: Adventures in Outlines, Touch up Paints, Ledger Grids No. 3, Worth Repeating No. 7, Letterbox 5, Pencil Lines Borders, With You No. 1, Splatters No. 2,
Vintage Frames
Collegeables No. 4,
Letterbox Confetti
Veneer Talk Bubbles
Cover Inspiration 03.14.10
Bead Scatterings
Charmed No. 2
Vintage Photo Frames No. 30
Vintage Charm Kit
Sea Life Kit (brackets)
Carte Post Kit
Hinge Pack
Cardstock Tabs: Brad
Staples: Wire Rimmed Charms, Zipper Pulls
Fine Line Twists
Made with Paper Flowers
Stitched Journal Strip
Lynn Grieveson
Prong (recolored): Kohi Kit
Do it yourself Rips

Stitching: Anna Aspnes
Paper: Kate Teague
Chevron Brush: Mya De Leon