I’ve made second & third pages for my 2004 favorite photos book (still a maybe). I am loving the trip back almost a decade to the year we had only three grandchildren and all of the adults looked a good bit younger too! My photos are grainy after scanning the 4 x 6 prints, but I haven’t found a way to scan them that makes them any better. I took a digital photo of the print photo thinking it might be a better quality for enlargement, but no luck there either. I haven’t printed one of these pages yet, so I may be pleasantly surprised at how they look.

All of our children were at home this particular weekend and I’ve loads of nice photos to use. It is just deciding which of them to put in a book. I can’t use all of them!

Aspasia Solids Paper Pack
Breeveld Solids Paper Pack (lightened)
Ingrid Solids Paper Pack
Malin Solids Paper Pack
Maskros Solids Paper Pack
Memory Tags (altered and used as a clipping mask for the “paint chips”.