I love it when a template seems like it was made just for me, or rather for my DGS Jack, like this 'UH-OH' one!

I had access to photo's of Jack on his bike outside but I decided to use the one of him in his pyjama's still, as his little face says it all! He's such a lucky boy, it's not even his birthday!

You love saying UH-OH when something falls or goes wrong, like when we skyped you and you accidently cut us off! You absolutely love bikes of any sort and your little face says how pleased you are with this one that your Mummy and Daddy bought for you. I’ve a feeling this, your first without the pedals so you can use your feet, will produce many UH-OH moments for me when I watch you ride it, while my heart will be in my mouth. I will always want to protect you from getting hurt but I know these things are all part of your childhood and that you will take many a tumble, but I’m hoping you’ll bounce back from them all. Enjoy your first little bike Jack, but remember that your Mummy says you can only go on Daddy’s motorbike when you are 40. And I’ll still worry about you then... that’s what Nana’s do.

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