Another page for Emily's academic team album.

This meet was so important to the team. Not only did they need to win it but they needed to have one of the top 7 scores in the state (out of 83 schools) to qualify for the State Championship Meet. Em had been told that she likely wouldn’t be on varsity for this meet. They would be relying only on the two seniors and one alternate. When the team walked into the auditorium, she looked very upset and so we were certain that she wouldn’t compete. Imagine our shock when she stood up with Chris M. and Ajith and got ready to head up onto the stage! Mr. De Kever told her right before the competition that she had earned that top spot!!! This was her dream! AND her dream team - Chris M., Ajith & her. And she did it!!!

Emily, Chris M. & Ajith played the first 12 questions and it was very stressful. They missed the first two questions which stunned everyone. But they got their groove back and, after the first 12 questions, their score was a 10/12. When it was time to change players and Em walked off the stage, Mr. De Kever stood up to congratulate her and shake her hand. She had done it! Earned a spot on varsity during the Regionals Meet. We were all incredibly proud of her. It was such an honor for any student, let alone a freshman and she knew it. Her hard work totally paid off!

The questions got harder and harder as they moved onto the second half and the auditorium was completely silent during each question. But in the end, the only questions the team missed were the first two and they easily won the meet with a score of 23/25. Thank goodness! But now the wait began - they had to wait until the next day for the scores from across the state to be tabulated and the top 7 to be announced. So all the team knew was that they won their Regionals Meet and then had to go home and wait. The rest of the night was a blur of waiting for the official announcement and the ribbons to be handed out. We chatted with Ajith’s mom and briefly with Chris M.’s mother. It is such a great group of kids and they have all become Emily’s best friends and family. We have gotten to know most of them as well and were so proud of the entire group. We took a lot of team photos (Madison is missing) and Mr. De Kever gave them a great pep talk at the end of the night. I think Emily would call it one of the best nights of her life. As a mother, it was certainly a highlight of mine to watch her and her teammates master so much information and earn that top spot. And the next day, we found out that not only did they qualify for the State Championship Meet but that they are ranked No. 1! It doesn’t get any better!!!

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