Akro-keramo =edge tile <pl. akrokerama from ancient Greek Akrokeramos
English Antefix from Latin Antefigere = to fasten before
Fourousi <pl. Fourousia = Balcony console
Journaling reads
Antefixes, Clay artworks, door knockers, balcony consoles and everything else embellished the homes of people, mostly though antefixes.

Spring has sprung here and yesterday afternoon I went for my favorite walk (great exercise) around Acropolis and ancient agora. Here are some of the photos with details from some old neoclassical houses which survived through our days.
In Greece, by the construction of the Royal Palace in 1847 up the transition to new architectural styles of the early twentieth century, during a period of about seventy years they were produced innumerable antefixes in a variety that probably exceeds the two thousand designs all over Greece. The clay surface of the antefix was decorated in various forms such as Medousa, Hermes, Zeus or floral motifs like palm leaf (anthemion = palmette), the leaf of acanthus with combinations or variations of these. Afterwards, with the prevalence of concrete as the main building material and modernism as mainstream in architecture, the antefixes gradually began to descend from the roofs and end up as debris in landfills, along with the unique architectural masterpieces which they crowned. The most fortunate of them ended up in knackersí yard and from there passed into the interior of the houses as decoration and collectibles, samples of an era permanently lost for this country. If the existence of an antefix on a roof or even on the shelf of a bookcase is a matter of chance, then having an antefix and the beauty that emits around, can be considered luck.
The left and right photos at the bottom of the page decorate the top of our bookcase. In the past they decorated the roof of the house of one of my husbandís aunt. She gave her house in a construction company to build a 6 floor building. Now she has 3 apartments instead of one house, but she hasn't the jewel she had before. This practice destroyed the beauty of old Athens.
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