Finished up the last "10 things I love" for my kids! Yea! Smile Feels good to be able to check that off the list!

Thanks so much for looking!

What We've Learned From You 4x6 Layered Template Set

Arctic Whites Paper Pack
Assorted Patterned Tapes: Christmas No. 01
Blendable Journalers No. 02
Little Princess Kit (stitching)
Loosely Labeled Dates
Readymade Banners: Love No. 02
Readymade Circles: Love No. 01
Red, Black and Creme Kit
Scarlett Paper Pack
Smart Cookie Kit
Spring Fields Scrapbooking Kit
Sweet Cakes Kit
Vintage Press: Blush Element Pack
Wire Rimmed Alphabet No. 02 (staple)
Wooden Arrows No. 02
Absolutely Acrylic: Arrows
Colette Kit
Thin Classic Photo Frames Curled and Flat No. 01