My take on the "Playing with Paper" Challenge. Smile

Journaling reads:
It all started because Dad had seen an article in the newspaper saying the Wings of Freedom was going to be at the Temple Airport. He was so excited about the B-24 that would be there and he wanted to take Cade. He called to inquire about reservations for flights, and found out that the planes don’t fly on the days they are moving to a new location. They were headed to Austin for the weekend, so we made plans to go there instead, and we made it a family trip. The B-24 was just too expensive for us all to fly on, so we opted to fly on the 1965 Huey instead. What a cool opportunity to get to fly in a helicopter...much less one from 1965, with the doors off! Lydia got to ride in the jump seat with the headset on and she could hear the pilot and tower communicating. We had so much fun! and Mom, Cade, and Lydia got to do something on their bucket lists!

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