I have a little disclaimer about the photos of some of the homes in which I've lived. They're arranged chronologically from top to bottom on the left and the same on the right. My mother and I took a little field trip last weekend, and I took the pictures on the left page. Let me assure you that these houses looked A LOT better when we lived in them. Mama and I laughed about the fact that they look like dumps now, particularly the one in the middle. My daddy, a plasterer, built that house, and we thought it was a palace when we moved in. After Mama and Daddy sold it, the new owners enclosed the carport, making it a garage, and added a mother-in-law suite above the garage. It's in sad repair now and very overgrown. I'm just going to remember it like it was when we lived there.

The pictures on the right page were all taken when we were living in the houses. Of course, the bottom one is our current home. Wonder what it will look like in 50 years??

Journaling: 105 E. Orlando Avenue: I called it home from 1949-1959. Mama and Daddy added a master bedroom and bath behind the carport. My cousins Pat and David came to live with us just before we moved to the lake.

701 Padgett Court: Daddy built our house on the Lake Jessamine, and we moved there in the summer of 1959. We thought we’d died and gone to heaven until we found out we had to weed a row of grass sprigs in the back yard before we could swim in the lake. I lived there until Don and I married in July 1970.

3003 Surfside Way: After living in a number of apartments after we married, we bought our first house in 1971. For $21,500 we got three bedrooms, two baths, and a pool on a canal. The evening we moved in our basset hound Goober trotted out into the backyard and promptly walked right off the seawall into the canal, confirming for Don his limited intelligence. This is the house we lived in when Marc was born in March 1973. The Moss Park house: We bought the house and had it moved to our lot in Moss Park when Marc was a toddler. We lived there until 1977 when Don graduated and we moved to Atlanta.
455 Martins Court: When we moved to Atlanta, we lived in an apartment while Don was in training with Southern Railway. When he was assigned to Atlanta, we bought the Martins Court house in Lilburn. It was a split level, the only house we’ve ever lived in that had more than one floor. When we moved back to Orlando, it sold in one week.

9421 Allestrasse Lane: In February 1980, we moved back from Atlanta to Orlando and built the house in which we now live. I found the house plan, and Don was our general contractor and chief electrician. Marc and Matthew grew up here, and now Katie and Sam have fun running through the yard and the lot next door which we now own. It’s more house than we actually need, but we’ve grown so comfortable in it that I can’t imagine leaving.

Katie Pertiet
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