this is what the last 10 minutes of 'normal' looked like for me yesterday.

patriots’ day. this year is no different. new england’s official end to winter. the boston marathon. a late morning start for the red sox game. the start of april
vacation week for schools. we have
celebrated with the same best
friends for the last eight years. first pitch;
11:05am. four corner seats at the east
bay grille bar. catching up. sharing
stories. watching the game. watching
the race. eating. laughing. enjoying.
this year is no different. lots of
laughs, high school memories relived,
neptune salads, red sox scratch-off
tickets, bemoaning not being the
newest millionaires, more laughs, more
memories. this year is no different.
our waiter makes one final round to see
if we are interested in dessert or
another drink. the chatter grows a
a bit louder as the red sox are able
to secure a late ninth inning win broadcast on the otherwise silenced tv sets surrounding the bar. locals rejoicing in what appears to be a much more promising red sox season become animated. the sun is brilliant. the day is warm. yes, my friend says, i’ll have a chocolate pretzel martini. oh yeah, i say out loud, my photo of the day! don’t touch that before i get a photo i beg! and so it is as we pass the drink from person to person for a sip of the decadent delight. at some undetectable point in the next ten minutes the happy chatter declines and the volume on the tv is raised to dominate the area. it becomes eerily quiet in a space that should not be. explosion. casualties. finish line. nauseating familiarity fills the room. suddenly, this year is different. much different. patriots’ day 2013.

Katie Pertiet:
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Classic Curled Photo Frames No. 04

Luisa Solids Paper Pack

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Pin Its!: Pearls

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