Another page for Jana's All Star Graphics class over at Creative Passions. Besides the four regular class lessons she also offered up four mid-week challenges, and this page is for one of those, a challenge where we were encouraged to use what we've been learning and just have fun. (From this comes the fanciful page description of "Ribbons and Blending and Gradients! Oh My!" as these are all the techniques we've learned up to this point in the class.) I have difficulty with such pages, as they often require a less controlled, more carefree, let-it-all-go style that does not seem to come naturally to me. (I CAN be spontaneous, though; just tell me when and where and what to bring! Smile )

At about the time I was looking for inspiration for this page, I was cruising Pinterest where I saw an amazing photo of people zip lining through the Swiss Alps (gotta try that!), and that reminded me of my own experiences with zip lining in Costa Rica, and lo! Just like that a page is born. (Well, not JUST like that. My computer desktop is littered with rejected attempts, but I digress...)

The title on the page, Pura Vida, is translated literally as "Pure Life." In Costa Rica, people use the phrase "Pura Vida" in several different ways: as a greeting, as an answer to the question "How are you?" and as a rallying cry. For example, here in the states, if someone were to jump off a tiny platform 600 feet above the ground and go sliding across a 4000-foot-long thin metal cable suspended over a dense forest, that person might shout "Kowabunga!" or some such as their feet leave the platform. In Costa Rica, it is "Pura Vida!" Actually, when you take that first step off the platform and you start hurtling toward your destination, it's more like:
"Puuuuuuuuuura Viiiiiiiiiiiiida!" Smile

Katie Pertiet
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Color My Love Complete Collection (background paper)
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Mountain range sketch: iStockPhoto (altered by me)

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