Tom works very long hours and most weekends. This past spring, he’s had trial after trial, plus his normal caseload and so he’s been working night and day seven days/week for weeks on end. When he is home, he eats and naps. I’ve tried for years to get him to nap upstairs so that his sleep won’t be interrupted but he refuses to. He likes to know that we’re around him, even if he’s sleeping so he naps either on the couch or on the floor. Often one of the kids will lay down beside him for a few minutes and then get up after he’s asleep. But his true napping partners are the animals. If he’s on the floor, Sawyer is guaranteed to be on top of him. And if he’s on the couch, Scout is the one on top of him and Sawyer sleeps right beside him on the floor. Becky hovers nearby at all times and usually ends up on the top of couch watching over him. But if there’s space and if Sawyer can’t get to her, she stretches out beside him. Watching him sleep with all the animals surrounding him is simultaneously one of the funniest things I see on a daily basis and also one of the coziest. Spring 2013

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