Four days to go! (not that anyone is counting)

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Thursday 27th December 2012

Exhaustion! That was what flagged both of us today. Mike had a client drop in and then fell into a heap and I couldn’t get enthused at work, didn’t help that I was on the early mail shift. A bit depressing having to go back to the daily grind after the fun last couple of days.

I headed down the street at lunchtime to see where the sales were at. Plenty of sales but nothing grabbed my attention. I do have a couple of things I want to buy, it might pay to take a quick weekend trip to Geelong, hmmm.

I looked at the tree tonight, unenthused. Keep it up? Take it down? Maybe a weekend job. Mike caught up on his favourite website “above top secret” always looking for a conspiracy theory!!

Even Molly had the “I can’t be bothereds” but she’s allowed to, her geriatric years entitle her.

Ringo got fresh with the angel ... crazy times!

I started thinking about the December Daily and took a few more shots. Mike started laughing at the thought that I painted my toenails just so I could take a photo of them. Hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right?