Another page for my travel album inspired by Anke's great challenge!
Some notes about the blending:
I used Katie's Done with Doilies Layered Template which already has layers that lend themselves to blending. I placed the Photo Masks No 4 under my photos with a cream color layer clipped to it. On top of that I clipped the Artsy Paint in Multiply mode and then duplicated the layer for a more vibrant look. In my playing around I did try other favorite blending modes such as Soft Light and Hard Light. I often use them for blending photos, but they didn't give the look I was after for this page.
My journaling layer is also in Multiply mode - I like how it makes it look like it blends into the paper.
It was so oppressively hot that we decided to travel into Warrnambool for the shelter of a shopping centre. We soon found ourselves at Harvey Norman and since we were in the market for a laptop for Zoe and didn't have much else to do we recklessly bought a HP Envy; our first touch screen computer. Zoe was over the moon and couldn't wait to get back to the campsite to unpack it!
By this time a cool change came through. What a relief!

2 page spread:
From the freebie:
Artsy Paint No. 01
Basic Notebook Edge Masks No. 01 Brushes and Stamps
Misted Hearts Brushes and Stamps No. 01
Others by Katie:
Almost There Kit (paper)
Done with Doilies Layered Templates No. 03