Still working my way through the lessons of Jana's latest class over at Creative Passions. I'm up to week 3 of a 4-week class, although there are mid-week challenges I've yet to do that I'm looking forward to playing with.

I think the hardest part of the class for me has been choosing which photos I want to scrap, and in terms of page themes I've been all over the map about what I've been scrapping for this class, from road trips to family. For her next class (Jana, pleeeeeeeeeeease tell me there will be a next class!) I'll get organized and look at the class materials ahead of time and then pull some photos together that I can use for the duration of the class. Hahahahaha! I just kill me sometimes! Smile

The overreaching theme of the class is how to make graphic pages of spots photos; the week 3 lesson was all about how to achieve a movie poster look to a page. While romping through my photo folders, looking for inspiration, I came across some photos I'd taken of a picnic we went on a few years ago with some friends. Mr. Squeak and the guys were playing wiffle ball with our friends' kids. These pics were taken back before I'd "discovered" digital scrapping; it was fun to see what I could do with them now that I know something about Photoshop.

Oh, and a big, big thank-you to my dear husband, who continues to let me post pages of him. When I asked him what he thought of this page, he expressed relief that at least these photos show him from the front! Smile

Lesson 4, here we come! Smile

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