I was excited to be able to use this photo on a layout. The white balance was horrible, and there was bad lighting creating a nasty glare/shine on our faces. I was really happy with how the B/W conversion and a matte finish worked on it, though!

The journaling here is text from a book called "Thoughts to Make your Heart Sing" that my girls are I are reading for a devotional these recent weeks. The author is Sally Lloyd-Jones:

What words does God want you to treasure
In the deepest part of you?

“Be good”? “Do it better”? “Try harder”?
Are those the words God wrote in the Bible
for us, to rescue and free us?

No. Those words only show us what we
can’t do.

The words God wants us to remember
are just three small ones: “I love you!”

They are the words that stop the Terrible
Lie that Satan whispered to Eve in the
garden: “God doesn’t love you!” They are
the words that heal the poison in our hearts
that stops us from trusting God.

They are the words that Jesus came to tell
us with his whole life.

They are the words he died to prove.

What words will you treasure today?

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