A little birthday celebration for Aaron while they were on vacation in Florida. However, it looks like Audrey enjoyed the celebration too!

The story behind the LO:
I was feeling a little mojo deprived so grabbed a template. I opened the template - and usually the first thing is to “save as” and give a new name to the project so I don’t mess up the template. While I’m working I “hide” the template pieces that I’m not using and at the end I clean up all the unused layers of stuff. I worked on the LO for quite a while and decided I was done tweaking and moving and was going to call it finished. So I saved and closed - only to realized that I had not done step one!!!! E-gads!! I royally messed up the template and had removed the unused pieces. Oh well - I’ll scrounge through the other times I used this template to see if I can rebuild it. Bet I don’t let that happen again.

Layer Works No. 075
Bakers Delight Kit
Letter Box Garden Song Kit
Splatters Brushes and Stamps No. 03
Slide Reels No. 02
Stamped Stitches No. 07 Brushes and Stamps
Spring Fields Blendables
Spring Fields Element Pack
Artistry de Blanco Element Pack
Letter Box Chevrons Brushes and Stamps No. 01
Metal Clip Assortment No. 03
Creswell Element Pack
Color Inspiration 06 04 11 - KPertiet
Color Inspiration 07 23 11 - KPertiet