I was so excited when this new template came out as I so admire this type of page. Carolynn and Nath are a few of the CT members that have mastered this design as well. It takes me a ton of time to create something like this, so when Amy created the template I was thrilled!
This is another photo of me; this time with my Grandpa Ginanni. I had never seen this photo until I started scanning the family albums.

Studio Double D
Layer Works No. 302
Katie Pertiet
Layered Bookshelf Frames No. 01
(Enlarged, used soft light blending mode and used as a border)
Far Away Fairyland Element Pack
(Green bow)
Sun Porch Kit
Woodside Jangle Element Pack
Spring Fields Element Pack
Lynn Grieveson
Wild Island Kit
(Tape measure)

Thanks for looking!