Another page in Emily's Academic Team album. She can't take pics during the competition and I couldn't be at this meet so we had to rely on the photo in the newspaper and a photo I took of her first place ribbon. I have yet to convince her coach of the NEED for more photos. LOL.

The Dwenger Invitational was over two hours away and the team had to leave school early to get there on time. It was a long bus drive and they studied the entire drive. Right before the competition, Mr. De Kever announced the lineups and Emily was once again honored to find out that she was competing on the varsity team. This competition turned out to be much more stressful than the previous one, though. Emily and Sarah missed their very first question and became very scared from that moment on. They ended up missing 3/12 and went back to the stands and Emily cried while Chris M. and Chris Y. competed. They ended up winning with a score of 20/25 but the second place team scored 19/25 so it was very close and the entire team was upset. It was a long bus ride home after that but Emily had a great conversation with Mr. De Kever, Ajith, and Presto about their lives and futures. Some fun notes - at the competition, they met Father Jacob - a former Penn SSASB team member and currently a priest at Dwenger. That same day, Michele Weldy had been Emily’s substitute teacher in English and the day after that, Phil Weldy came to practice. Michele Weldy is considered one of the greatest captains in the team’s history and Phil and Father Jacob were great competitors as well. Emily had read about them all in Mr. De Kever’s books so she was very honored to meet them.

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