Our first 'home' (shoebox!). The bathroom was bigger than the kitchen. LOL! You could not have two people in the kitchen at the same time and the second bedroom was not even big enough for a single bed. BUT, it was home at the time and we had lots of happy memories there that we still reminisce about. Smile

Thanks for looking. Smile

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Font: Olivetti Type 2, Bebas
Journaling: The flat at Random St was our very first ‘home’. I had rented it myself about 5 months after Dylan and I started dating. Dylan moved in Feb. ‘06 when his lease ran out. It was such a small flat. It had 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and a combined kitchen, lounge, dining room. We paid $205 a week rent. It was in such a great location as it was in an inner city suburb. Walking distance to trains, buses, shopping and restaurants. The only reason we moved at the time was because the landlord wanted to move back in. There were so many happy memories made here but I really do not miss that kitchen!