Bit by bit, I hope to get this trip to Italy finished in a week. Somehow, the last page or two or so always gets left undone. Sad

May 21 started out as an overcast rainy day. I decided to finally get myself to the Mercato Orientale, the Eastern Market even tho I had very little cooking time left in Genoa. We still had a few restaurants to try but I wanted to check what was available this time of year and the prices. Nice greens coming in, and always the Italian products were noted. Lots of stands selling pesto . I got a container even tho I’ve never been overly fond of pesto. I did get some of the trofie to serve with the pesto. Most of the fish was not Italian with lots from the coast of Africa. I also got a packet of porchini though Iain had given us a lifetime’s worth in Seattle. One interesting thing I noticed is that eggs are sold in units of 10 through most of Europe. Again, I had a few eggs left for his breakfasts. It was hard not to buy more than I needed or could cook but that’s a standard issue in going to a market for me. I did go upstairs in the market to look for buttons for Janie. No luck. However I bought a mezzaluna for myself in the tiny kitchen wares shop. Finally home, past Christopher Columbus’ house. We never did go in for the tour. and I’m fine with that!


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