We were watching the boy play baseball in the rain….
She was willing - for the moment - to look into the camera!!
No smiles.
I can see the adult beauty she will become.
It's a sweet view into the future.

Thanks for looking.

Katie Pertiet
New things for NEXT weekend ….

Hey Sunshine
paper with the paint…love it.

ARTPack Strucutres
the map with girl/woman…so cool

Letter Box Cluster No. 5
stubble circles under the word beauty

Arty Paint NO. 3
under the word COMPLICATED!!

Springs Fields Blendables
the jonquils….

Layered Bookshelf Frames NO. 1
complex layers and VERY fun to tinker with…

Misted Alpha No. 1
the word beauty with a color gradient

Chalkboard Arrows Brushes and Stamps No. 03
also with a color gradient