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Wednesday 26th December 2012

I got up early and went for a jog, longer than normal, just wanted to run as far as I could. It was one of those brilliant mornings to be alive, blue skies bright but not too warm yet. Mike was still in bed when I got home.

I ditched the sales today, I'd normally go, but I wanted to get things ready for tonight. The kids were coming for dinner.

I was in the throes this afternoon of prepping, cutting, dicing, washing dishes, and on and on it went and Mike decided to paint the window surrounds in the toilet. And then napped on the couch. His timing is amazing, especially when I could have done with an extra set of hands.

I made Vietnamese rice paper rolls with three different dipping sauces, a peanut sauce, a honey soy, and a sweet chilli. Also a vegetable slice with a big bowl of salad.

But the piece de resistance was the raspberry chocolate trifle. Even the jelly was made with real raspberries. The kids devoured it all, and announced it a terrific dinner.

We love having all of them here for dinner, I know that Mike holds it very dear to his heart to have his children around, all happy and laughing. I see a look come across Mike's face, hard to put a finger on, but he lights up.

A frenzy of gift giving, paper was flying everywhere, squeals of delight, it was just wonderful.

We also gave Tabby and Aaron their engagement present ahead of their engagement party on New Years Eve. They loved the cutlery set.

We watched a magician show on TV before Wes had to leave to head back to Melbourne, the other kids headed back to Warrnambool then too. And then there was silence.

Dishes done and finally sitting down with our feet up. Christmas was now officially over.