Dylan's parents live on the other side of the country and so when they visit I am trying to make sure I record lots of details other than just what we did etc. Grandad and Lincoln formed quite a bond when he visited recently and his nickname for Lincoln was a large part of that. Smile

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Font: Skinny Jeans Solid
Journaling: Grandad came up with your nickname because of your obvious carrot top. It was something that stuck and you started answering to it. But it was also something that only Grandad called you and it became a special thing between you both. During Grandad’s visit we would regularly hear ‘Hey Ginger’ followed by giggling from you. After he returned home you were a little lost and one afternoon we heard “Babble babble Grandad babble babble hey Ginger babble babble.” I don’t know what you said, but I’m sure you were telling me about your very special nickname.