Christmas Day was a big day, the two of us spent it on our own together and we crammed so much fun into the day and made sure we took lots of photos too (some with tripod and auto timer, some were selfies!!). So it ended up on two double page spreads, just because.
By the way, I'm going all the way through to the end of the year to a very special evening on NYE, can't stop here!!

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Tuesday 25th December 2012

What a great day. I was up and at 'em just after 7am and out the door for a jog. Mish had asked for a special Christmas gift, for 12wbt'ers to do some sort of exercise today and wear something Christmassy. I hope I gave the neighborhood a giggle as I jogged by wearing my santa hat. Even more impressive was that mike got up and took photos of me jogging down the street on the way home.

Went back to bed and had breakfast and opened our Christmas stocking gifts. We just cruised today. It was a day for us. Amazing how many people want to invite you to a big gathering if they think you’re spending it on your own, but we love our quiet Christmasses here at home. We certainly make sure we have a blast.

I got things ready during the morning for lunch, and made the choc fudge cakes for dessert, made sure I got a nice photo of both of us courtesy of my new tripod from mum, made a few phone calls and messages to family, gave the menagerie their gifts, yep Lucky’s new ball was definitely the best 5 minutes he ever spent! Didn't last long.

We opened our gifts from under the tree. Mike was thrilled with the pang hat. He had completely forgotten about me making it, definitely a case of out of sight out of mind, so it was a great surprise. I love my new hiking back pack, and the beautiful " Live Love Laugh" necklace. How perfect for me, I will treasure it. Lots of other goodies, all perfect, we truly spoilt each other.

Lunch was soooo good. Ham and turkey and lots of vegetables, gravy and cranberry. It was delicious. The dogs got a special Christmas lunch too. Mike ended up napping on the couch, the dogs played with their toys and then ended up napping too! I was the last one standing, there's a turn up for the books. I thought about my dad and just know he was enjoying watching over us. Hard to believe it’s been five years.

Later in the afternoon we had the special chocolate fudge cakes with raspberries and ice cream. Delicious! That evening we ended up cuddling on the couch and watching a movie. Mike rang his Uncle Jim and Auntie Gwen tonight in the UK. The perfect end to a perfect day.