I’m working on finishing some older stuff up again. I had written down the idea for this page when it was all happening back in 2011 and then put it in my sleep deprivation induced too hard basket. Lynn’s gorgeous new kit and Kayleigh’s new Layer Works inspired me to finally scrap it! Smile

April Kit
April Journal Cards
April Worn Paper Pack
Layer Works No. 303
Sentiment Spots Brushes and Stamps No. 03
Crumpled Papers No. 01
Eastbourne Kit (heart postage stamp)
Factory Words: Love Brushes and Stamps
Looking for Love Kit (fabric heart)
Wire Rimmed Charms No. 01

Font: Splendid 66, KG Payphone
Journaling: Hair not brushed. Sometimes no shower. Breakfast at 1pm. When did I pee last? Oh wow, my breath is horrible. Dribble on my shirt. Pj’s all day. Falling asleep sitting up. Am I doing this right? I’m a natural Mummy! I have no idea what I am doing. Bags bigger than my eyes. Really, poo can fly? A heart swelling with love. Pride over what we did - we made this perfect little person! I am a Mummy. This is our family. Can you believe this is real? Watching you staring at me. Knowing that you know I am your Mummy. That burst of love when only my cuddles comfort your cries. Seeing you sleep and knowing how peaceful you are. That first hint of a smile. The longer stretches of sleep. Seeing you thrive. Gaining some sort of normal - until our routine changes again. Seeing your beautiful face every morning. Enjoying cuddle time. Feeling blessed during our family time. This is it.