Another page for Emily's high school Academic Super Bowl album. Had to blur a lot of the content because it referenced other students.

There is nobody quite as influential as a good teacher. Parents can set an example and motivate their children but the encouragement and inspiration that comes from a great teacher is irreplaceable. And Emily has found that in Mr. De Kever. Early on in the Super Bowl season, Emily and Mr. De Kever formed a bond over their love of history. In early February before Emily knew that she had made varsity, he wrote her a letter and loaned her a copy of his book so that she could read about the history of the team and told her that she would one day captain the team. Little did he know that she had already read both books and captaining the team had been her goal from the start! And after her first varsity meet, he gave her a photo he took of her competing in her first varsity meet and wrote her a short card thanking her for her leadership, dedication, and enthusiasm. He’s a huge inspiration to her and these letters mean the world to her!

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