Back on the bandwagon again. Will 2012 ever end!!!

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Monday 24th December 2012

Woke up oh so tired this morning. Bo was most put out that Wes was staying overnight and made it known last night. She usually sleeps on the spare bed, yep right we have a cat that has her own double bed! Meow meow, scratch scratch at the bedroom door. I got up just after midnight and picked her up and took her back to her basket in the lounge room. Ten minutes later meow meow scratch scratch again and then thump! She had actually pushed the door so hard it opened, it has a dodgy catch anyway.

She was happy and slept on the end of the bed as usual. Wes got more than he bargained for last night!

The day was so nice after the stifling night, the news broadcast said it was the hottest December night on record. The breeze today was just wonderful.

Mike called it stumps about 5pm today but I knocked off at 1.30. I headed to the IGA to pick up fresh fruit and veggies for Christmas day. No lines so that was a bonus. Also free parking in Warrnambool, that made a change.

Made pizza tonight for dinner and then we walked up to church for the Christmas Eve service. It was packed and we got seats in the back. It was nice singing Carols along with the community.

Came home and Mike made his obligatory “Santa” calls. One to Eliza and Daniel; the other to Jessica and Sean. Boy, Santa has to think quick on his feet with some of the questions he’s dealt, these kids even remember things he told them last year. At the end of the conversation with Sean, Santa did a final “ho ho ho” and told Sean as he rang his jingle bells that the reindeers were getting restless and as Sean said goodbye, Mike heard a little voice say “I love you santa”. Yep, that’s the reason he still does this. A bit of magic never hurt anyone, even Mike.

Mike has been closely watching NORAD on the computer as it's tracking Santa. It’s now 11.32pm as I’m typing this. Tomorrow Christmas Day will be upon us, the most
magical day of year. So we better go to bed now before the bewitching hour is up, I’d hate to run slap bang into the big guy :-)