So, I'm bringing up the rear, so to speak, with Jana's latest class (All Star Graphics) over at Creative Passions. The rest of the class is starting Week 4 and I'm just now getting around to the Week 1 lesson, blending multiple photos. Anyway, here is my cheeky little page for her first class, and if I spend the rest of the day scrapping I won't get left behind. (I am just killing me here! Smile )

The story is this...

I have thousands of photos from the month-long road trip Mr. Squeak and I took this past fall. Just sorting them has been a bit overwhelming, let alone scrapping them, and I often use the challenges here at DD or a class I'm taking to kick start the creative process. For the week 1 lesson of Jana's class, I figured it would be easy enough to romp through those photos and grab a handful that would illustrate a theme, such as a location we particularly liked or the food we ate or the roadside oddities we saw. As I was looking at all of my photos, I noticed that there were an inordinate number of photos of our backsides. I suppose that is to be expected on a trip where the predominate activity was hiking, and where we are often in locations where there is no one else around to take photos of the two of us together. Whatever the reason, seeing all these photos of the backs of our fronts struck me as a fun theme to use for the first lesson. Mr. Squeak is not in 100% agreement about this, since he has a staring role in this particular page, but I have promised him I would make a matching page that features the tooshie of yours truly. I am a rather slow scrapper, though, and I note that I made no promise as to when such a page will be made...ooohhh! And I said nothing about posting it even when it does get made! Ha!

Oh, and the page title? Turns out we did see quite a number of buttes on our trip through the Southwest, and I could have made a page with photos of them.

Isn't language marvelous? Just one little letter makes all the difference! Smile

Cassie Jones
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