This is the title page for my 2012 AAM album. And yay - 1 album to tick off my 'to finish and print' list! Smile

Thanks for looking. Smile
Painted Pastels No. 01
Painted Book Paper Pack No. 01
Almost There Kit (alpha)
Looking for Love Kit (staple, label)
Shine On Charity Kit (bow)

Font: Splendid 66, Bebas
Journaling: Stories are important. My reason why is as simple as that. Because it’s important. It’s important because it’s recorded. It’s important because at any time, my family can read these pages and know who I am (or was). It’s important because this hobby is my release and these pages are a by product of that. No matter how trivial, how deep or how boring these pages may seem, they’re important. It’s not just words. It’s my life, recorded. This is who I am, warts and all. This is what makes me happy, what stresses me out, what I love and what ticks me off. What scares me and what I look forward to. This is all me. This is the time I’ve put into these pages, the friendships and inspiration I’ve found through this hobby, the privilege I have of playing with these products. This is my everyday. This is what I look forward to and what I look forward to looking back on. This helps me see how I’ve grown and remind me of things long forgotten. These pages are important to me and I hope one day they are just as important to whoever is reading them.