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Journaling says:
Kyrie was usually on my shoulder. This could make things rather interesting when it came to meal times. If I had let her stay on my shoulder, she would not have been at all shy about climbing down to pick food off of everyone’s plate.
When she was a youngster we made the rule that she needed to be on her cage to eat her share of the meal. So, these melamine plates became a necessity. I would put her share on her plate and put it on top of her cage. She would clean the plate - assuming that she liked what was there. If she thought she deserved more, she would ‘clank’ her plate by picking it up a little bit & letting it drop down. If this didn’t work she would manipulate the plate (which took a bit of work!) so that she could drop the plate on the floor. That was a sure attention getter! However, this would usually result in the bird room door being closed - not the attention she was hoping for! Prior to getting these plates I had to be very careful choosing what dish I used, since - for some reason - my Mom wasn’t thrilled with her dishes being used as noise makers.
Kyrie was quite a foodie. If you were eating something, she felt she deserved some of it. There were a few times when she also REALLY didn’t want to get off my shoulder. On those occasions if I made the mistake of letting her hold her tidbit on the way to her cage she would attempt to quickly eat it so by the time I made it to her cage to pry her off of my shoulder, she would be finished. (also, maybe I would give her more munchies!) After over 22 years together she knew exactly how to manipulate me as well as all of her family / flock members.
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