As soon as I saw the inspiration template for this week's challenge, I knew exactly what I wanted to do! Thanks for the inspiration DD! Smile

Journaling reads:
When I look at this photo I am immediately transported to that day in Russia when my dreams came true. I was a mother...finally! They placed you in my arms and you were mine. My daughter. I had wanted you for so long and here it was...real. You were real!! Our future was just beginning and I had so many plans for us, but yet at the same time, it all seemed so surreal. You weren’t quite as sure and excited as I was, but you were stoic. We were taking you from the only life you knew. We were strangers to you, We talked funny, we smelled different, we were taking you away from the only people you knew, and yet you never cried. You didn’t smile either. We got you changed into your brand new clothes and put you in the van that would wisk us away to the airport. I wonder how many times you had even been in a vehicle before then. You didn’t get upset at that point either, and you didn’t get car sick. You continued to be serious and stoic. We got to the airport and the men and our driver/translator headed to the ticket counter to purchase our tickets from St. Petersburg to Moscow. That’s when it all changed. We put you down in the airport to let you toddle around, and we could visibly see a transformation taking place in you. You began to smile. You began to babble. You would walk around and then look back to make sure that we were right there and you were so proud of yourself and so happy. It was as if that was the moment that you understood. You were on your way to a new life. These people that had taken you from your old life adored you, and you had them wrapped around that little finger of yours. It wasn’t long and we were boarding an airplane...your first, I’m sure. You laughed and played for the entire flight. Once we got to Moscow it was a flurry of activity of luggage, and drivers, and cars, and getting to our hotel and getting checked in. You hadn’t really had anything to eat since we had picked you up at the orphanage other than a few goldfish crackers, and we never were clear on whether you had eaten before we picked you up. While Daddy was checking us into our hotel it was nearly 10:00 at night and you fell asleep in my arms for the very first time. Our new life had begun.

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