When you were teething you’d find anything available to chew on! I had just bought several boxes of baby paraphernalia and had stacked them along the living room wall until I was ready to restock the changing table when you started climbing them. After unstacking them so that you wouldn’t fall to your doom, you began what looked like a fun game of “push the box around the room” but then I heard a strange noise and decided to investigate. That’s when I discovered you chewing a hole in the box. When I tried to take the box away, you wailed in protest. Of course, I had to document you being silly and then find a new game for you to play!

~Designer Digitals~
Katie Pertiet
Little Hearts Element Pack(recoloed)
Stitched Circles Clean and Messy: White No. 1 Value Pack
Photo Clusters No. 45
Looking for Love Paper Pack
Star Glows Brushes and Stamps No. 01
Catana Solids Paper Pack
Text Bytes: Shaped Text Templates No. 29
White Sticker Alphabet No. 02
Color Ins 042812
Type Ins 011213

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