I loved Carmel's inspiration layout and I was so excited to lift this one. The fading that she did was perfect for this series of photos - I mean, who really wants to see compost up close? Wink

My husband has a girlfriend and her name is THE COMPOST PILE. I even have to remind him sometimes to greet me first before he goes outside to check on her when he gets home. He takes her temperature, feeds her, covers her up, and pats her everyday. It’s become quite the family joke. Smile In all seriousness, though, he is absolutely dedicated to saving the earth no matter how much teasing he gets and he has taught our children so many wonderful lessons about recyling, resourcefulness, and so many other environmental issues. Our children will grow up with an enormous respect for this earth they live on and that is all his doing. I admire him tremendously for his perserverance and dedication. Although I don’t think it’s too much to ask for him to kiss me hello first. Wink

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