Making homeschool resources is part of my daily life...
so thankful that if I can't find something helpful
for my kids and their learning needs at the ready,
I can just whip it up quickly.

I didn't keep the files open while I built each of these flash cards so I hope I don't miss any supplies:

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A to Zoo kit
A to Zoo Tiles
Jelly Alpha 29
Jelly Alpha 23
Jelly Alpha 16
Pocket Cards Rainbow Dates
Snow Pushers Kit
Cloudscapes Brushes 1
In My Backyard Kit
Googly Eyes 1
Whimsy Words 1
Thankful Hearts Mini Kit
Musical Epoxies
Little Tea House Stickers
Sweet Cakes Elements
Almost There Elements
Center Stage Element Pack
Little Tot Transport Kit

(My youngest 2 have a set of these cards laminated and in their reading bins, they can refer to them if the need help with basic long vowel rules)
(thanks for looking)
*also the idea and poem inspiration came from a pinterest post - and back to a blog the inspired apple)