saying goodbye is hard enough...doing it from across the water is even more heartbreaking.
this photo of my Grama & Grampa (my mom's parents) is from 2006 with their first two great-grandkids (that's my Simeon on the left)...they now have 13. and Grampa couldn't have been more proud.
we will all miss him a lot.

journalling reads:
Yesterday, America seemed so close. And in a manner of minutes, it felt as though the Atlantic swallowed up the world and I was suddenly trapped so very far away from all my memories and my heart and my family.
“We’re all up here together ... and ... Grampa’s gone.”
He’s gone. I’ll never see that mischevious smile spread across his face or hear him accuse me of ‘pulling his leg.’ No more tight hugs or breakfast dates. No more hearing-aid squeaks or black jeans or that distinct jingle that his watch made when he flipped around his wrist to check the time.

I’m sitting here wondering what my memory of him will be in the coming weeks and months and years...and all I can think about are his hands. Those calloused hands of his that showed signs of such hard work. Hands that crafted beautiful wooden creations that are treasures in each of our homes. Hands that gardened through every season. Hands that nurtured dozens of strawberry plants, knowing that the grandkids would eat them up before they made it to the kitchen. Hands that courageously fought. Hands that beat everyone in cribbage. Hands that held tightly to Grama’s, with a simple silver wedding band wrapped around his finger. Hands...attached to an arm’s embrace...coming from a heart of such love...that stretched and reached to the family that he treasured so much. He’s gone. But he leaves behind 28 hearts that held his love and 28 pairs of hands that are, in some way, just like his.

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