Another one for Emily's Academic Team Album. And another time I forgot my camera and had to make due with my cell phone. Sigh.

Every Sunday afternoon, Emily’s Academic Super Bowl Team meets at Mr. De Kever’s house to study for three hours. While at his house, they groundpound for two hours and play whatever game has been assigned for that week for another hour.
On the first Sunday practice session after their first meet, Emily brought Mr. De Kever a unique gift.
In Ancient Greece, the victors of the Olympic Games would receive a lekythos of olive oil to celebrate their win. So in celebration of the team’s first place win at their first invitational of the season, Emily bought Mr. De Kever a bottle of olive oil to thank him for his leadership.
He loved the gift, thanked her for it and hugged her. It was a great gift idea and was I was very proud of both her creativity and her thoughtfulness.

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