Patties spirit will ALWAYS live with me. I honestly will never forget her. She was an amazing soul. I Hope people will remember me like I remember her. And I hope in turn my children will too.

I know I am blessed because I have the nicest people as my children. Inside and out ! Shine on guys. Use the talents you have been given. Make yourselves proud with the lives you create. The world around you must feel you. Feel that you have made a difference. Always smile and make sure others remember that. Life is not a right it is a privelege. Live life. Do what you want at times. Be real. Be honest to yourself. Believe in what you believe in. Don’t compromise on that. Shine on. For those whose lights have gone out. Make them proud of you too. Be worthwhile. Always. And never ever forget that I love you like NOTHING in the world. Even when I too have gone, shine on !

Credits :

Shine On -Pattie charity Kit.
Katie Pertiet - Jason paper