Debbie sent me some photos of her B-Box; a miniature set that she has put together. The "B" is because this particular set consists of baskets, bears and bees (there are bees painted on the outside of the box). It's just adorable and I think I had as much fun creating my page as she did creating the real thing. :O)

Here's some of the history that will go on the back of her page in her book:
The “B” box was bought at the MSC show….. one of many… this show the box spoke to me. It came painted and the bookcase was included. I bought the bird seeder and I added the miniature Longaberger baskets. My friend Kathy treated me to the chair with the cat on it. When I saw the signs …. I knew they had to go in the box too…. My favorite is “so its not home sweet home… adjust”. I added the bears and the bench.
The Longaberger baskets are miniatures of baskets that I have in my collection – they were almost as much as the real ones and are weaved with paper…. each one was made for me.
Kathy Knoepfle treated me to the chair with the cat – she saw it at the MSC show and gave it to me as a gift. It is by far my favorite piece in the box and one of my favorite pieces in my entire collection.
I love bears and this gave me a perfect place to give the bears a home. Most of the bears were already in my collection and a few were added later. The bear on the rocking horse is my favorite. Linda and I got the Panda bear together.... they are lovingly referred to as the naked bears.... they have no clothes!!
The little Indian bear was a no brainer… it said take me home as well as the little brother. I truly could not resist her!

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