March Photo Swap with Carol (oldbag165)

We wanted to be next to eachother in the Gallery so we posted at the same time!!

Journaling reads:
We had been at the San Diego Wild Animal Park for several hours. It had been a great day for photographs because so many of the animals were so active. And then we came to the white rhino enclosure – hot, dry, dull shades of browns and greys. Why, my husband asked, are you taking pictures of sleeping rhinoceroses? Watch for a minute, I reply. Watch closely. They are not asleep. Mama rhino’s left ear flick; baby rhino’s left ear flicks. Mam’s tail flicks; baby’s tail flicks. Mama flares her nostrils; baby flares his nostrils. Mam yawns; baby yawns. Mama rolls over; baby rolls over. And they struck this pose. It was as if their moves had been carefully choreographed and synchronized.

Katie Pertiet:
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Cut Ups: Photography
Hidden Meadow Kit
Krafty Blank Safety Tags
Wild Horses Kit Brad
Alandia Rancheros Kit Twine bow

Cathy Zielski:
Seaside Patterns Paper Pack

Pattie Knox:
A to Zoo Kit

Ali Edwards:
This Is Love Vol. 02 Brushes and Stamps

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