My DDs will never forget this day. We have a nice older gentleman at church who lives on a big farm outside of town. He invited the whole church over for a bonfire. He bought this castle, which was actually an old parade float, for the kids to play in and to give them rides down his country road. All well and good, but the castle was made of fiberglass, and all the little kiddos were climbing in and out of the windows and all over each other and....then the castle started down the road and things started blowing around.....The ride didn't last long, and by the time they returned to the farm, all couple dozen kids were sobbing and saying they had something in their eyes. Sigh. It was such a nice idea. Smile

Journaling: This is the Story of a princess who lived, along with many other princesses and princes of RBC, in a castle on wheels. The royalty loved each other and had a lot of fun, at least until their fiberglass castle started down the road for a ride, and little shards of fiberglass got into all of their royal eyes. By the time they returned to King Fritz’ palace, the princesses and princes were all crying and carrying on. It was nice that they still had a bonfire and a tire swing to enjoy.

Katie Pertiet
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