The Wrestling Banquet ended up being on your 17th birthday. Although that was probably not the way you wanted to spend your birthday, but you ended up getting a couple cool awards so the evening wasn’t a total bust. The first award we expected, that was for breaking the school record for the fastest pin (:09 seconds.) Joey also got the same award since you both tied for the record a the same tournament. The second award was one that Coach Bayer created especially for you called the “Pinning Machine Award”. Of your 27 wins this season, almost all of them (24) were pins which is pretty amazing when you think about it! You were also Academic All Conference and you got All Conference with your 3rd place at the Upstate Eight Conference Tournament. In addition to the awards, the wrestling stat sheets revealed that you had the 4th most wins on the team, the 4th most take downs, 4th most near falls, 3rd most dual team points, 2nd most falls and 2nd most reversals. I look forward to seeing what your senior year holds in terms of stats. This year was great and you didn’t even get a chance to compete in the post season.

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