He Is Risen
After paying a small fortune for Valentines cards that I wasnít all that crazy about I decided I wouldnít do that again. So Iíve been working on my Easter Cards. This is the front of the one Iíve made for the adult kids and spouses. Iíll do personal notes inside. When I showed this to my DH he wondered where I took the photo. Every morning I drive through the Manassas Battlefield on my way to work so I told him I took it one morning on my way in - probably through the windshield. If not that I was holding my camera out the window! I got a major safety lecture. FYI - the traffic really slows down in spots so I may have even been stopped but I didnít tell him that - itís much more fun to let him lecture! The photo really wasnít very good - but thanks to enlarging, major cropping and Katieís tutorials it turned out much better than the original!

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