for my daughter
journaling reads:
yes, you know, I wanted lots of children
but that wasn’t to be. I am so very lucky to have you. the most wanted girl in the world. Or as your college
admissions counselor called you, the most interesting girl in the girl. He said it wasn’t his proudest moment
comparing a prospective student to a Dos Equis commercial but it fit as you told him about all the things
you’ve done and all your big plans for life.I think that’s one of the things I’m most proud of is all of your grand
plans for life. You’re fearless and ready to tackle it all. And I’ll be here, ready to listen to all the stories of your
adventures. I’ll be here to help you out of a jam. I hope to be here to see you through it all.
Love you.

paper + wood star from Maybe Tomorrow
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