ugh. this is hard. I hope my words make sense. I miss her. Sad

As I struggle to make a page about my friend Pattie, everyone’s friend Pattie actually, I am struck by how well she lived. She was funny, a terrific story teller who always made you laugh no matter the situation. And if there was a way to fit in a boob joke, she was all over it. She was a teacher, not only to the elementary students at her school, but also to digital scrapbookers around the globe. She was patient and always took the time to help out. She was wise. So very wise and generously offered her advice to anyone who needed it. I truly appreciated her expertise in difficult situations and how well spoken she was. There was such a gentleness to her wisdom. Such a gift. Although I am deeply saddened by Pattie’s all too soon departure from this world, I find that she somehow managed to do a lot of things right while she was here. She was loved by many and she loved all in return. In the end, I think we all want to be remembered for how well we loved and how well we were loved. Thank you for sharing her with us. She left us with wonderful life lessons.

page inspiration from my good friend beehive50 (debi) but after I was finished, I decided not to link because I changed a lot. but I appreciate her jumping off point.

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